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PP recycled plastic brief introduction: polypropylene (PP) - without coloring, it is translucent, waxy, lighter than polyethylene, more transparent than polyethylene, and more rigid than polyethylene. It is mainly used in basin, barrel, furniture, film, woven bag, packing belt, bottle cap, car bumper and so on.

PE recycled plastic introduction: Polyethylene (PE) - without coloring in a milk white semitransparent, wax like, with a touch of greasy feeling, soft and tough, slightly elongated, low density polyethylene is more soft, better transparency, high density polyethylene is hard. Mainly used in film, handbag, pipe, oil bucket.

PS is a polystyrene plastic. It is easy to stain and has good transparency. It is used for making lampshade, toothbrush handle, toys and electrical appliances. It is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, but easily soluble in chloroform, two vinyl chloride, banana water and other organic solvents.

PVC is a polyvinyl chloride plastic with bright color, corrosion resistance, durable and durable. Because of the addition of some toxic auxiliary materials, such as plasticizer, antiaging agent, and so on in the manufacturing process, the products are generally not stored in food and medicine.

ABS is a plastic that is polymerized by acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene. It is eye - catching, heat-resistant, strong, and can be plated with chromium and nickel on the outer surface. It can make keys, buttons, knife frame, TV shell, umbrella handle and so on.

PA is nylon plastic. Its characteristics are tough, strong and wear-resistant. It is often used in making comb, toothbrush, hook, fan bone, net bag rope, fruit package bag and so on. It is nontoxic, but it can not be contacted with acid and alkali for a long time.

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